How to Reach Maldives from Pune?

How to Reach Maldives from Pune? Flights, Visa on Arrival & Currency
How to Reach Maldives from Pune? Flights, Visa on Arrival & Currency (courtesy: ismailmohamedsovile)

Take a break from your hectic work life in Pune and head for a vacation to the stunning white-sand beaches of the Maldives. Explore the kaleidoscopic underwater world, enjoying refreshing strolls on the world’s most beautiful beaches, and devour exotic seafood at the delightful islands in the Maldives.

Surrounded by the Indian Ocean and abundant greenery, Maldives is the perfect holiday destination to rejuvenate with family and friends. Popular as a dreamy honeymoon destination, Maldives tops the list of most couples.

The distance from Pune to the Maldives is around 1704 kilometers. Traveling to the Maldives from Pune is an exciting journey from your work desk into the lap of nature. To explore the beauty of Maldives in the best possible manner opt for our all-inclusive Maldives tour packages from Pune. Check out the comprehensive guide on reaching Maldives from Pune and other important information about the country below:

Maldives Map from Pune, India

Pune to Maldives Map - Distance, Route & Flight Duration
Pune to Maldives Map – Distance, Route & Flight Duration

How to reach Maldives from Pune?

Being a popular vacation spot, Maldives is well-connected with India. Set in the Indian Ocean, the archipelago can be reached by air and through the water. It has 4 major International airports and around 12 domestic airports for easy connectivity between its 1190 islands.

Pune to Maldives by Flight

Pune to Maldives by Air – Flights & Seaplane
Pune to Maldives by Air – Flights & Seaplane (courtesy: aerial_mv)


The easiest and shortest route to reach the Maldives from Pune is by flight. You can reach in around 14 hours if you book a single-stop flight. The actual time would be around 2 hours, but direct flights are not available from Pune to the Maldives.

Flight Companies

There are regular flights of companies like GoAir, Indigo, Vistara, and SpiceJet from Pune, but all of them have a layover in Bengaluru, Kochi, New Delhi, or other cities. Most flights depart from Pune around 4:00 PM and reach Male the following day. It’s recommended to travel Mumbai by road from Pune and then take a flight to reach Maldives from Mumbai.

Almost all flights from Pune to Maldives land at Velana International Airport, Male – which is the main International airport in the Maldives. Most resorts offer transport service from the airport via a speedboat or seaplane.

Average ticket price

The average ticket cost per person from Pune to Maldives is around INR 6,000 to 18,000. It is higher for premium airlines like Emirates.

Maldives Airport

Maldives Velana International Airport at Malé
Maldives Velana International Airport at Malé

The main international airport in the Maldives is the Velana International Airport, near Malé. Maximum flights to the Maldives land at this airport.

Depending on your destination island, your resort may offer seaplane or speedboat transfer to your resort from the airport. You have to pay extra for your transfer from the airport.

Pune to Maldives by Road (possibility)

You cannot travel to Maldives from Pune by road. However, as there are no direct flights from Pune to Maldives you can reach Mumbai by road and then take a direct flight to Maldives from Mumbai airport.

Pune to Maldives by Sea

Reaching the Maldives from Pune via sea is the most relaxed and entertaining option. You will have to book a cruise from Mumbai, which will anchor at Mangalore and Cochin before reaching the Maldives. You can travel by road or rail from Pune to Mumbai to board your cruise.

Costa NeoClassica is a popular cruise from Mumbai to Malé. It reaches the Maldives in 7 nights while stopping over at New Mangalore and Kochi. The average cost per person is around INR 32,000 excluding the taxes, port fee, etc. The cruise offers accommodation in luxurious cabins, onboard entertainment, pools, jacuzzis, gym, multi-cuisine food, and spa facilities.

India & Maldives Currency

Currency in Maldives (Handy Guide on Maldivian Rufiyaa)
Currency in Maldives (Handy Guide on Maldivian Rufiyaa)

Accepted currencies

Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR) is the official currency of Maldives, it is accepted across all islands. Other International currencies like Dollars (USD) and Euros (EUR) are also accepted at most tourist spots, resorts, and shops. Payments are accepted through both cash and card. Indian currency is not accepted at any business complex.

Average Conversion rate

The standard conversion rate of 1 MVR is 4.70 Indian Rupees (INR). The average conversion rate of 1 USD is around 15.50 MVR, 1 Euro (EUR) is around 18 MVR, 1 Pound Sterling (GBP) is around 20 MVR, though these are subject to change according to International Exchange Rates.

Is USD accepted in Maldives?

USD is accepted at the Maldives airport and most tourist places and resorts. It is a widely accepted currency in the Maldives and many local shops also accept it, both in cash or card.

Maldives Visa details for Indians

Maldives Visa for Indian Nationals
Maldives Visa for Indian Nationals

Is a passport required for Indians?

A passport with a validity of six months after the date of travel is mandatory for all Indians traveling to the Maldives.

Visa Fee

Indian travelers do not need a tourist Visa to stay up to 30 days. By producing a valid passport, you can avail of the no-cost visitor visa upon arrival, which is valid for 30 days. For visitors staying in the Maldives beyond 30 days, a paid Visa valid for 90 days is issued for 750 MVR (INR 3,530 approximately).

Visa on Arrival

Indian nationals can stay in the Maldives for up to 30 days through Visa on Arrival issued free of cost. You must produce a valid Indian passport along with relevant documents such as copies of hotel/resort booking confirmations and travel tickets for document verification. Your passport will be considered valid for travel to the Maldives only in case it isn’t due to expire within 6 months of your date of travel.

Discover Maldives

Discover Maldives from Pune
Discover Maldives from Pune (courtesy: aerial_mv)

Availability of South / North Indian cuisine in Maldives

Indian cuisines including North Indian and South Indian are served at most restaurants around the Maldives, while there are some specialty restaurants as well. You can enjoy vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals from across the world at the multi-cuisine restaurants of the lavish resorts.

Typical Indian dishes are a part of the pre-booked buffet and breakfast menu of most operators. You can easily find dishes like Masala Dosa, Biryani, Poha, Tandoori Starters, Paratha, and Garlic Naan. Some resorts in Maldives even have restaurants that exclusively serve Indian cuisine which have more tourists coming from India.

Dress code

There is no specific dress code within your resort or on private beaches. Swimsuits and bikinis are allowed within the premises of your resort. But modest dressing is advisable in public places, including beaches outside the boundary of your resort. As the country follows Islamic culture, women must cover their knees, shoulders, and even heads at times. Men should not be shirtless and should at least wear three-fourth length trousers.

Maldives Tour Packages from Pune

Pune to Maldives tour packages start at INR 50,000 to 70,000 per person on a twin sharing basis for a 4 Nights stay. You can pick a pre-designed package including meals (breakfast and dinner), sightseeing, flights, accommodation, and airport transfer facilities, or can customize your package based on your interests. You can opt for additional meals (lunch), adventure sports, shore excursions, and stay on different islands at an extra cost.

Maldives Honeymoon Packages from Pune

You can also opt for India to Maldives Honeymoon Packages for the most lavish start to your new life together. The coral islands of Maldives allure couples from across the world, making it the most popular honeymoon destination on the globe. Maldives honeymoon packages from Pune start at INR 50,000 to 80,000 per person for 3 nights stay.

You can also ask for customization of your honeymoon package to include fun activities couples can do in the Maldives such as snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, banana boat rides, and sea scooter rides. You can personalize your honeymoon package with water sports if either of you is an adrenaline junkie. Try fly boarding, jet skiing, speedboat rides, and kayaking.

To add a touch of romance, you can stay at an overwater villa, book an underwater spa, dine at a private beach, or a simple stroll along the shoreline hand in hand.