How to Reach Maldives from Goa?

How to Reach Maldives from Goa? Flights, Visa, Cruise & Currency
How to Reach Maldives from Goa? Flights, Visa, Cruise & Currency

The Maldives is a delightful little archipelago in South Asia. It is one of the most loved honeymoon destinations owing to its natural grandeur and romantic vibe. The mesmerizing natural beauty of Maldives attracts travelers over and over again. This collection of colorful coral Islands in the Arabian Sea is located in the south-west of India and Sri Lanka.

The distance between Goa and Maldives is around 1348 kilometers. Many couples and families travel to the Maldives from Goa each year as they head for a grand vacation. It is like hopping from one party hub to the other – both set up in the lap of nature. The best way to explore this beautiful place is by booking an all-inclusive Maldives tour package from Goa offered by us.

Maldives Map from Goa, India

Goa to Maldives Map - Distance, Route & Flight Duration
Goa to Maldives Map – Distance, Route & Flight Duration

How to Reach Maldives from Goa?

Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Maldives is well-connected by air and through the water with other parts of the world. There are two different ways to reach the Maldives from Goa – by flight and by cruising. The second option is interesting owing to the beauty of the route, but it takes more time to reach through it. The journey from Goa to the Maldives is a delightful experience in itself. 

Goa to the Maldives by Flight


The shortest route to reach Maldives from Goa is by flight.  Goa Airport Code is GOI. There are no direct flights available from Goa to the Maldives. You can reach Maldives in around 7 hours 15 min if you book a one stop flight from Goa.

Flight Companies

Companies like Vistara, GoAir, Air India, and Indigo offer regular flights departing from Goa International Airport and reaching the Maldives after a layover in Mumbai or other cities. There are a lot of options for flights throughout the day, and you can book your tickets at your convenience. 

Average Ticket Price

The average ticket cost per person from Goa to Maldives is around INR 8,000 to 16,000. But some operators offer great discounts on early bookings.

Maldives Airport

Maldives Velana International Airport at Malé
Maldives Velana International Airport at Malé

You can’t help but notice the stunning beauty of the Maldives even before landing on one of its 4 International Airports. Landing on the tiny islands amidst the vast ocean is a memory that will be etched onto your mind forever.

The Velana International Airport, situated in Male – the capital city of the Maldives is the largest International airport in the country. The 1192 islands of the archipelago are well-connected with the world through 14 domestic airports and 4 international airports.

Goa to Maldives by Road (possibility)

You cannot travel to Maldives from Goa by road. However, to add some adventure to your Maldives trip, you can travel to Mumbai by road and then take a direct flight to Maldives from Mumbai airport.

Goa to the Maldives by Sea

The best option to reach the Maldives from Goa is to hire a cruise service. You can enjoy every moment of your dream vacation before it even begins as you navigate to the extravagant coral islands of the Maldives on a luxurious cruise.

A cruise from Goa to the Maldives will allow you to explore the hidden gems of this gorgeous destination. Ideally, a 5 day cruise takes you to the best parts of the tropical paradise and costs around INR 40,000. But the duration and costs may vary for different routes and operators.

India & Maldives Currency

Accepted currencies

The official currency of Maldives is Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR). But Dollars (USD) and Euros are accepted at most tourist spots, hotels, resorts, and shops. Card payments are conveniently accepted at most places. Indian currency is not accepted at most places and the place is quite expensive as well.

Average Conversion rate

The standard conversion rate is around 4.70 Indian Rupees (INR) for 1 MVR, while 1 USD is equivalent to around 15.40 MVR. 1 Euro (EUR) is around 18 MVR and 1 Pound Sterling (GBP) is around 20 MVR. The values may change according to the International Exchange Rates.

Is USD accepted in Maldives?

USD is widely accepted in the Maldives, even at local shops. It is an accepted currency at the Maldives airport and most tourist places and resorts as well.

Maldives Visa Details for Indians

Maldives Visa for Indian Nationals
Maldives Visa for Indian Nationals

Is a passport required for Indians?

A valid passport is needed for all Indians traveling to the Maldives, and it must remain valid for six months after the date of the journey. 

Visa Fee

A tourist visa is not required for Indian travelers. You can opt for the no-cost visitor visa with a validity of 30 days, and it is handed to you upon arrival in the Maldives. For an extended stay, you can opt for the paid Visa valid for 90 days for 750 MVR (INR 3,530 approximately).

Visa on Arrival

Indian nationals are granted a free Visa on Arrival in the Maldives. They can use it to stay up to 30 days. Relevant documents along with a passport with a validity of six months after the date of travel must be produced for availing the Visa on Arrival facility. You must also provide copies of hotel/resort booking confirmations and travel tickets for document verification. 

Discover Maldives

Discover Maldives from Goa
Discover Maldives from Goa (courtesy: xidhern)

Availability of Indian Cuisines in the Maldives

You get all types of Indian cuisines in restaurants around the Maldives. The buffet at most resorts includes vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals from across the world. Typical Indian dishes including South Indian breakfast delicacies like Masala Dosa and Poha are also available at most restaurants. Some specialty restaurants serve only Indian food like Biryani, Aaloo Tikki, Stuffed Paratha, Garlic Naan, and other North Indian dishes. 

Dress Code

The dress code in the Maldives is not strict, till the time you are within resort boundaries and on private beaches. You can wear smart casuals including shorts, 3/4th or full-length trousers in the beach areas. Considering the country follows Islamic belief, you must dress conservatively in public places including beaches. Women should keep their knees and shoulders covered, and men should wear shirts outside the non-resort Islands. Swimsuits and bikinis are not allowed in public places. 

Maldives Tour Packages from Goa 

Goa to Maldives tour packages start at INR 60,000 to 70,000 per person for a standard 4 Nights stay. There are many options offered by tour operators, and you can get great deals online as well. The packages may include meals, sightseeing, flights, accommodation, and airport transfer facilities. You can customize your package based on the number of meals, adventure sports, fun excursions, and other facilities you wish to opt for.

Maldives Honeymoon Packages from Goa

The Maldives is a popular honeymoon destination for couples from across the world. The crystal-clear water, balmy air, and astounding scenery provide the perfect fairy tale backdrop for the grandest honeymoon. Maldives honeymoon packages from Goa cost around INR 60,000 to 80,000 per person for 3 nights stay.

You can make a list of all places and activities you wish to enjoy together and customize your itinerary accordingly. Bond over a scuba diving experience at the Manta Point or explore nature at Bandaara Kilhi Lake – one of the best freshwater reserves in the whole world. Pray together at The Grand Friday Mosque and admire its architectural excellence. The Maldives offers you numerous opportunities to make memories at its pristine islands, ravishing undersea restaurants, and fascinating monuments.