Maldives Honeymoon Packages from Ahmedabad (All Inclusive Cost & Itinerary)

Ahmedabad to Maldives Honeymoon Packages (All Inclusive Cost & Itinerary)
Ahmedabad to Maldives Honeymoon Packages (All Inclusive Cost & Itinerary)

Isolated from the outer world, Maldives offers you the most wonderful honeymoon. The beauty of this land with white sandy beaches will refresh your mind and soul. Find the true love of your life with our Ahmedabad to Maldives Honeymoon Packages.

The art of knowing each other doesn’t start from the marriage day itself. Honeymoon is the start to a new life together, it’s a journey of lifetime. In the privacy of wonderful Maldives beaches you can share the love and care for each other.

Maldives, a paradise on Earth, is stretched in 900 kilometres from north to south, lying beautifully on the Indian Ocean. The island is a cluster of more than two thousands small coral islands divided in 26 natural atolls.

Our Ahmedabad to Maldives Honeymoon all inclusive packages offer you some quiet time together and  help you understand each other and start a new life with happiness. You can enjoy the most beautiful time in your life with total peace without worrying about the journey.

We are a world class provider of travel and tour solutions for Maldives. Our experienced  team of professionals will take care of every minute details of your honeymoon trip.

Why Choose Maldives for your Honeymoon

Candle Lit Dinner on the Beach with Maldives Honeymoon Package from Ahmedabad, India
Candle-lit Dinner on the Beach with Maldives Honeymoon Package from Ahmedabad, India

Maldives with its uniqueness offers you a wonderful honeymoon. The natural atolls in this beautiful island offer you many activities to do on your honeymoon like night-fishing trips, windsurfing, scuba-diving and so many other water sports.

With the tropical scenery and the exotic combination of sun, sand and sea the island in Maldives will be an amusing experience for the honeymooners. The vibrant beaches with white sands, coconut palms, crystal clear lagoons and coral reefs promise you the best moments of your life with your partner.

Day tours like Snorkeling, Sandbank & Sunset Cruise Trip let you enjoy the elegant charm of Maldivian sunset and enjoy the romantic atmosphere in the island. Spending time together on the beautiful island will add an extra charm to your Maldives Honeymoon trip from Ahmedabad.

The soothing atmosphere provides a calming effect and peaceful seclusion from the outside world making Maldives honeymoon the most memorable of all.

Activities & Things to do on your Maldives Honeymoon from Ahmedabad

Activities to do on your Maldives Honeymoon from Ahmedabad
Activities to do on your Maldives Honeymoon from Ahmedabad

The balmy Maldives weather and the perennial summer that it enjoys make it suitable for relaxing vacations. However, there are plenty of activities that this Asian nation offers to those who like to be physically active on their honeymoon. Walking tours, sandbank picnics, island hops and snorkeling tours are only the tip of the iceberg of experiences that this archipelago provides

It presents honeymooners with striking natural beauty of by snowy white beaches surrounded by turquoise lagoons and lush palm trees along with a soothing atmosphere.

Along with beautiful sceneries, Maldivian Islands also offers you with breathtaking marine life. Mesmerising coral gardens and exotic flora and fauna increase the attraction quotient of the island amongst tourists. The island boasts of 70 different species of colourful coral reefs and more than 700 species of fishes and other aqua marine creatures.

The availability of umpteen numbers of water and land sports along with excursions makes the honeymooning in Maldives all the more special. These sports make you holidaying adventures and fill it with excitement.

The water has high visibility of up to 15 – 40 metres (50 – 130 feet) and the temperature of the water is also moderate that is between 24°C (75°F) in February and July to 27°C (81°F) in April, May and September.

The suitable environmental conditions on the island make it even more enjoyable. The moderate temperature of the water which on an average is 25°C (77°F) helps in windsurfing to a great extent.

Maldives Honeymoon Packages from Other Cities

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