Maldives Packages for Couple from India, Trip Cost in Indian Rupees (INR)

Maldives Packages for Couple from India (All Inclusive Cost)
Maldives Packages for Couple from India (All Inclusive Cost)

Away from the hustle bustle of day to day lives, amidst the vast expanse of blue water and lushness of palm trees spread all over is a cluster of islands called Maldives. Maldivian Islands make for an interesting holiday for couples from India with umpteen numbers of all-inclusive package options. 

With its mesmerising natural settings, serene snowy white beaches and greenness of trees, the island national welcomes the couples from India for a wonderful Maldives vacation at an amazing all inclusive price. Refreshing environment and pleasant weather makes the Maldives tour even more enjoyable.

A cluster of close to 1,190 coral islands formed in 26 naturally formed ring-like atolls, Maldives is a place worth visiting at least once in your lifetime along with your partner. The islands captivate you with their incomparable beauty. Maldives beauty is not just for sightseeing, the islands offer rich and exquisite marine life as well.

The crystal clear blue water of the vast Indian Ocean with shimmering white beaches surrounding it creates for an enchanting paradise like setting. Maldives is the land of leisure and pleasure. Needless to say that it is a paradise especially for the honeymoon couples.

Maldives Couple Package from India, Trip Cost in Indian Rupees

PackageDuration*Price (INR)
Maldives Hotel Arena Beach3 Nights / 4 Days₹17,980
Maldives Adaaran Club Rannalhi w/ Flights
(2N Standard Bungalow + 2N Water Bungalow)
4 Nights / 5 Days₹1,12,880
Maldives Velana Beach4 Nights / 5 Days₹38,450
Maldives Sunrise Beach w/ Flights3 Nights / 4 Days₹55,460
Maldives Centara Special w/ Flights & Water Villa4 Nights / 5 Days₹1,24,640
Maldives Centara Special w/ Flights5 Nights / 6 Days₹1,01,970
Maldives Hotel Arena Beach w/ Flights6 Nights / 7 Days₹45,360
*Starting price per person on twin sharing basis.

About the Maldives

Maldives for Couples from India
Maldives for Couples from India (courtesy: assiitey)

Spread across an area of over 90,000 square kilometers, Maldivian Islands comprises over 200 inhabited islands. Out of these 200 islands, 90+ islands have been developed as tourist resorts and rest are used for agriculture and other purposes.

Located on the Indian Ocean, this group of islands welcomes honeymooners with breathtaking aerial views of the islands amidst blue water of the sea and turquoise lagoons.  Scenic beauty of the island welcomes its guests in the best way possible.

Islands of Maldives are indeed nature’s one of the best creations. Islands seem to present a perfect colour combination which makes for a beautiful painting. The combination of deep blue water, white sand and green palm trees looks like an artist’s best work rather than a naturally formed island. Clear blue sky above your head along with pleasant weather makes it suitable to spend some memorable days of your lives.

No matter how good a place is, one’s trip can go all wrong if you don’t have the right amount of information and access to facilities required. We all dream of having a perfect vacation and no one wants it to be upsetting in any way.

For a wonderful Maldives trip, it is important to have some kind of assistance which can help you in planning your tour as per your requirements and preferences. And here comes the Maldives Tourism, which promises couples a perfect vacation and in the exact way they want it to be.

We take care of all your needs and present you with our Maldives tour packages for couples from India that best suits the purpose of your visit (honeymoon, family trip, adventure holidaying, etc.). We also provide you with amazing add-ons with Maldives tour packages that fit your bill without having to compromise on the quality of your vacation.

Activities and Things to do for Couples in Maldives

India to Maldives Honeymoon Packages (All Inclusive Cost & Itinerary)
Activities and Things to do for Couples in Maldives

The island is perfect for newlyweds looking for adventure and excitement. A perfect place for water sports, especially diving and snorkelling, Maldives take you for a treat when it comes to outdoor sports. Rich flora and fauna under the water along with coral gardens makes it a diver’s paradise. 

There are many other water sports in the Maldives as well such as parasailing, water skiing, boating, fishing, etc. The exceptional clarity of water makes the water sports all the more enjoyable. The water is so clear that even if you decide to not go diving or snorkelling, you can spot umpteen numbers of exquisite water creatures right from the beach.

Not just these, having a walk along with your partner by the side of the sea with cool refreshing breeze caressing you makes for some memorable moments. Think of having a moonlit dinner with your beloved. Or just sitting on a sunny afternoon and relaxing or enjoying a barbecue night by the sea side under the star studded sky. All these and much more is possible on your India to Maldives vacation.

For those interested, there are many facilities to train you in diving, if this is your first time with the sport. You are provided with all kinds of necessary equipment needed for various sports.

If you are looking for something more than just tourist spots, try having an interaction with the locals. Their simplistic lifestyle and colorful cultural practices are sure to captivate you. Trying local cuisines also makes for an amazing experience. While on the islands, it is advisable to follow the certain local way of living by respecting the local sentiments in your dressing, etc.

If you like to take something back home as a souvenir for your amazing trip, Maldives offers amazing options for that as well. Woven mats with exceptional geometric designs, traditional ornaments and lacquer work are few of the things that are worth taking home. The place with its exceptional beauty and pleasant hospitality surely makes you fall in love with it.

All-inclusive Maldives Stay Options for the Couples

All-inclusive Maldives Stay Options for the Couples from India
Maldives Stay Options for the Couples from India (courtesy: upgradedpoints)

Accommodation in Maldives is very unlikely to disappoint you. There are various kinds of accommodation facilities ranging from budget hotels to luxury resorts in the Maldives with over water villas, beach bungalows with private Jacuzzi to secluded cottages, etc.

The options of accommodation, activities and sightseeing in Maldives are varied in not just the kind but also in their location and facilities they offer. To choose the ones that suit you and your partner the best, it is important to have detailed information on all these. 

We at Maldives Tourism, a division of Holidays DNA offer you with all the information needed for a wonderful trip. From sightseeing options, customized packages, hotel bookings to detailed and updated information on various activities and things to do in the Maldives to reaching the destination, we handle each and every thing, leaving you to only enjoy the beauty of the islands with your beloved.