Bhopal to Maldives Honeymoon Packages

Bhopal to Maldives Honeymoon Packages w/ Couple Price, Itinerary
Bhopal to Maldives Honeymoon Packages w/ Couple Price, Itinerary (courtesy: muhammadhsaamy)

The Maldives is an ideal destination for couples in Bhopal seeking adventure, water sports, and romance. You can plan to visit the Maldives on your honeymoon and be pampered to the highest level in a paradise of tranquillity. When visiting these islands on your honeymoon, you will be greeted with a wonderful climate and breath-taking natural beauty.

Popular attractions of Maldives include the country’s beautiful beaches, lush flora, and intriguing sites. Water sports and other adventure activities are popular in the Maldives, in addition to the many beautiful sites that the country has to offer.

Why do couples from Bhopal love Maldives for their honeymoon?

Why do couples from Bhopal love Maldives for their honeymoon?
Why do couples from Bhopal love Maldives for their honeymoon? (courtesy: shazmynali)

The Maldives is a visually stunning destination offering a pleasant holiday vibe. The pristine beauty of nature attracts people from Bhopal for a memorable honeymoon in Maldives. Beyond the sand, water, and sun, Maldives offers an unforgettable traditional experience as well. 

The Heritance Aarah is a village where you can meet the locals and explore Maldivian traditions. Couples from Bhopal can also enjoy exciting water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, and sea safari. Adding to the excitement of the trip is a wide range of cocktails and seafood. You can also build memories of a lifetime while watching the sunset with your better half from a Dhoni (the traditional Maldivian fishing boat).

Overview of Honeymoon Package

Overview of Maldives Honeymoon package from Bhopal
Overview of Maldives Honeymoon package from Bhopal (courtesy: datingscout)

Planning a honeymoon to the Maldives is the best wedding gift for you and your partner. Our Bhopal to Maldives honeymoon packages include everything from fun-filled activities to a comfortable stay amidst nature. All offerings and activities in our Maldives honeymoon packages are specially handpicked to add romance to the time you spend together.

Enjoy candlelit dinners by the beach and private tours to the islands of your choice with honeymoon packages from Maldives Tourism. You also get a complimentary honeymoon cake, a bottle of non-alcoholic champagne/ wine, and flower bed decorations to brighten up your stay.

You can also customize our Bhopal to Maldives honeymoon packages as per your choice. If you are a couple interested in adventure activities you can add on water sports like parasailing, jet skiing, wakeboarding, and canoeing. You can also opt for night activities such as pub hopping, night fishing, crab racing, and private island dinner.

Why book Bhopal to Maldives honeymoon with us!

Why book Bhopal to Maldives honeymoon package with Maldives Tourism
Why book Bhopal to Maldives honeymoon package with Maldives Tourism (courtesy: datingjungle)

Honeymoon couples from Bhopal can easily book their stay at Maldives with Maldives Tourism. Honeymoon Resorts in the Maldives range from the most lavish Maldives overwater bungalows to Water villas with private beaches. You can choose from a relaxing room with spectacular surroundings, private plunge pools, and infinity pools, to an action-packed resort with snorkeling beaches and water slides attached to your room. 

Our resorts with world-class amenities and on-demand room service make your honeymoon in Maldives special. Beyond providing a wonderful stay we arrange for a delicious dinner and relaxing spa at the resort for your convenience. Make your honeymoon in the Maldives an exciting one with Maldives Tourism from Holidays DNA.

Resort & Hotels Options with our Maldives Tour Packages from Bhopal

Resort and hotel options with Bhopal to Maldives honeymoon trip
Resort and hotel options with Bhopal to Maldives honeymoon trip (courtesy: robertonickson)

You can pick the best resorts and hotels in Maldives for your honeymoon from our Maldives Tour Packages from Bhopal:

  • Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa- A 5-star Deluxe Resort built in perfect harmony with the tropical surroundings. The elegant resort is located on the Raa Atoll, in the northern part of the Maldives archipelago. You can pick from their 120 villas located on the island and even on the sea. They offer unmatched hospitality, a continental buffet, a private beach area, swimming pools, couple spa treatments, and the privacy you need to make your honeymoon special.
  • Bandos Maldives- Located on a picture-perfect island just 15 minutes from the main airport in Maldives, Bandos is an ideal venue for your romantic tropical honeymoon. Lapped by the azure waters of the Indian Ocean and lined with sugar-white beaches the resort offers world class hospitality. You can enjoy a complimentary buffet breakfast, sauna, jacuzzi, swimming pool, cake, and wine to make your honeymoon special.
  • Kurumba Maldives- The perfect destination for newlyweds, Kurumba Maldives offers romantic experiences such as ‘Sounds Of The Sea’ or ‘Spa Under The Stars’. The magnificent 7-star hotel provides activities such as night snorkeling, sandbank picnic, cruise, water sports, underwater safari, and beach photoshoots.
Tourist Attractions to visit in Maldives on your honeymoon trip
Tourist Attractions to visit in Maldives on your honeymoon trip (courtesy: ahmedyameen)

1. Sun Island- Nalaguraidhoo Island, commonly known as Sun Island, is a stunning piece of paradise located in the South Ari Atoll. The island adorns a wonderful tropical backdrop and clear blue seas. You will be captivated by the natural charm of the island and its luxurious resorts. It is an excellent location to visit with your love of life for a soothing spa treatment. Dolphin viewing and enjoying the vibrant nightlife at beach bars are activities to look forward to in Sun Island.

2. Alimatha Island- Alimatha Island is located on the outskirts of the East Maldives in Vaavu Atoll. It is ideal for diving aficionados because of its location. Boating and volleyball may also be enjoyed on the beautiful white sand beach with your better half. The location is especially appealing to couples from Bhopal since it is home to some fantastic massage centers, bars, and, of course, the enticing beach with its azure blue ocean.

3. Bioluminescent Beach- A shimmering beach on Vaadhoo island or Mudhdhoo island, Bioluminescent Beach is an absolute must-see on your honeymoon itinerary. At night, the ocean glows beautifully with a blue light, which is said to be caused by marine planktons. The ethereal appearance of the beach is perfect to enjoy with your special one. It seems as if the stars are caressing the beach, and the stunning vista is great to build lifetime memories together.

4. Kurumba beach- Located just 20 minutes from Male and 15 kilometers from the Velana International Airport, Kurumba Beach is heaven for newlyweds. During your honeymoon in Maldives, you may go scuba diving, participate in some entertaining activities like snorkeling, canoeing, at Kurumba Beach. The Veli spa is a perfect place to relax as they offer special couple spa treatments.

Activities & Things to do Maldives

Activities and Things to do in Maldives on your honeymoon trip from Bhopal
Activities and Things to do in Maldives on your honeymoon trip from Bhopal (courtesy: mohamednashah)

1. Scuba diving and snorkeling- With the extraordinarily clean water and an abundance of marine life, the Maldives provides an excellent diving and snorkeling destination even for first-timers.  

2. Canoeing- While paddling on the ocean, you may experience the thrill of discovering the nooks and crannies that are hidden in the shallow seas with your loved one.

3. Paragliding- Paragliding is a must-do activity in Maldives. Racing through the air together and feeling the sea breeze on your face, accompanied by an astounding view of the sea, will be an exhilarating experience during your honeymoon.

1. Centro Mall- Centro Mall on Hulhumale island is a great location to shop for global brands, play games, and eat a variety of snacks and meals all under one roof with your other half.

2. Male local market- Male Local Market, which is located on the northern half of the island, is a great place to get a sneak into the life of locals. You can shop for fresh local vegetables and fruits, pickles, dried fruits, local snacks, coconut milk, and sweets, among other things. Seashell goods, lacquer work, timber crafts,  and other unusual things such as brooms and slippers made of coconut leaves are all available for purchase at souvenir stores on the island.

1. Thundu Kunaa- These are colorful Maldivian mats manufactured from natural fibers and weaved by Islander women in the traditional Maldivian style. They are available in a variety of forms and are usually printed with geometrical patterns.

2. Maldivian sarongs- You can purchase fashionable sarongs at the beach shops in Maldives. Traditional Maldivian sarong is black and white and known as ‘Feyli’. These are now also available in a variety of colors with flowers and other designs.

3. Lacquer work- Lacquer goods are a popular form of traditional Maldivian handicraft. You can pick beautiful vases, boxes, plates, baskets, and even pens among the many wooden items as souvenirs from your trip.

How to reach Maldives from Bhopal

Reaching Maldives from Bhopal India
Reaching Maldives from Bhopal India (courtesy: rayyumaldives)

Male is the capital city of the island country of Maldives and is home to the Velana International Airport. When traveling from Bhopal to Maldives for your honeymoon you can opt for one of the following methods:

  1. Take a flight from Bhopal to Male- There are no direct flights from Bhopal to Male. You can book a flight with 1 or more stops and will take around 13 hours depending on the layover time.
  2. Bhopal to Nagpur via train and flight to Maldives- You can reach Nagpur via train in 5.5 hours and take a flight to Maldives from there.
  3. Bhopal to Indore via train and flight to Maldives- You can enjoy a 4.5 hours train journey to Indore and reach Maldives from there via flight. 

A honeymoon in the Maldives is unlike any other because of the pristine atmosphere that the nation offers to couples. Beyond the rush and bustle of the wedding rituals, couples from Bhopal genuinely appreciate the relaxing vibe of Maldives. The abundant beauty of nature and each other’s uninterrupted companionship will provide you the much-needed backdrop for a romantic honeymoon.