Maldives Tour Packages from Kolkata (All Inclusive Price & Itinerary)

Kolkata to Maldives Tour Packages (All Inclusive Price & Itinerary)
Kolkata to Maldives Tour Packages (All Inclusive Price & Itinerary)

After every day’s struggle and hard work, everyone deserves to treat himself or herself once in a while. Maldives is the place for you to rejuvenate and distress yourself in the arms of Mother Nature. Our Kolkata to Maldives tour can bring in that missing relaxation and tranquility in your life.

Maldives stunning white sandy beaches with palm trees leaning on the sides are bound to attract you. It is surrounded by crystalline lagoons, and is sure to leave a beautiful impression on your memories.

With our all-inclusive Kolkata to Maldives Tour Packages, explore the natural richness of the place. Its diversity along with varied  marine creatures also presents an existing picture of Maldives.

To make a trip from Kolkata exciting and remarkable, it is necessary to have the right mixture of timing, accommodation and choice of activities you wish to experience. We help you in taking the right decisions and promise you a hassle-free trip.

We have come with various recommendations on which package to take, in which resorts or hotel to stay and what activities to do in the Maldives. Most of our Maldives holiday packages from Kolkata are inclusive of flights and different meal plans.

We can customize your tour package from Kolkata, depending on your preferences and budget. Duration of your trip can also be a deciding factor, we offer packages to Maldives ranging from 3 days to 7 plus days.

Romance is in the air of Maldives. The romantic ambiance of Maldives adds a special charm if you are on your honeymoon. We also offer tailor made Kolkata to Maldives Honeymoon Packages. Maldives known as the tropical paradise on earth is a masterpiece for honeymooners, with its amazing blend of sea, sun and sand.

About Maldives from Kolkata

About Maldives from Kolkata
About Maldives from Kolkata (courtesy: saudedum)

Maldives, a paradise on Earth presents tourists from Kolkata with amazing natural settings and a refreshing environment that make sure that you have a memorable time on the island. The island is a cluster of approximately 1200 coral islands, which are grouped in almost 26 atolls. It is stretched over 900km from north to south.

Shimmering white beaches surrounded by crystalline turquoise waters and coral reefs along with the greenery of palm trees and blue water of the vast Indian Ocean create a setting that looks nothing less than a fairy land.

The Maldivian islands are suitable for all kinds of vacation and offer a soothing atmosphere for travellers from Kolkata belonging to different age groups. It is an experience in itself to just laze around and admire the scenic beauty of Maldivian Island.

It is not just the natural beauty, sea and the beaches that will strike you. The tradition and culture of the place with colourful and lively festivals and celebrations will definitely receive a good amount of your admiration. Folk dances and folk songs are sure to make your evenings enchanting.

On the other hand, the calmness and serenity of Maldives Islands presents a total opposite side of the place. Its blissful surroundings and peaceful settings tempt you to just laze around and spend your days there.

However, your Kolkata to Maldives tour has more than just relaxation to offer you. Trying out Maldives cuisines is something which you can’t afford to miss. Fish delicacies that include Gula, fried fish balls with tuna and coconut, kulhi boakiba (spicy fish cakes) must be tried.

Other delicacies such as foni boakiba (coconut milk and rice pudding) and kiru Sarbat (drink consisting of sweet milk) are to take your palate to a different world altogether.

Maldives tour from Kolkata, or any tour for that matter, is incomplete if you fail to take home some of its exceptional art work. Woven mats, lacquer work  and other handicrafts are also some of the must take home.

However when on the tour, it is important to have the knowledge of reliable places to buy these artifacts. We can assist you with all these. From minute to detailed information, we are there for you in each and every step of planning your Maldives trip.

The Kolkata to Maldives tour, if planned accurately, is a combination of many varied factors, ranging from the resort you chose to stay in to the activities you chose to indulge in. Whether you have decided to have a calm, secluded vacation or a fun filled with exciting  games and activities, you require genuine and helpful guidance for which we are always by your side.

Activities and Things to do on your Kolkata to Maldives Trip

Activities and Things to do on your Kolkata to Maldives Trip
Activities and Things to do on your Kolkata to Maldives Trip (courtesy: saudedum)

There are many popular activities to do in the Maldives. The island is not just for relaxation and for nature lovers but it also provides tourists with umpteen numbers of water sports and excursions making your vacation from Kolkata more exciting and adventurous.

Some of the popular water sports in Maldives are wakeboarding, banana riding, catamaran rides, parasailing, fun tubes, mono skiing, kite surfing, glass bottom boat, snorkelling, fishing, scuba diving, etc.

What makes these sports even more enjoyable is the presence of suitable environmental conditions. The water has high visibility which is up to up to 15 – 40 metres (50 – 130 feet). The temperature of water is also moderate , usually 24°C (75°F) in February and July to 27°C (81°F) in April, May and September.

Along with these, rich flora and fauna which constitutes almost 70 different species of colourful coral reefs. More than 700 species of fishes and other aquatic creatures under the water make many of these activities enjoyable and exciting.