Maldives Packages from India (All Inclusive Cost, Deals & Itinerary)

If you are thinking of taking a respite from the daily hustle bustle or searching for place to visit this vacation, Maldivian Islands stands beautifully welcoming to their unusual charm and breathtaking natural beauty. Shimmering white beaches along the side of crystal clear water of Indian Ocean creates a soothing atmosphere to spend your holidays.

No matter what is the purpose of your trip Maldives will pamper you in the best way possible. However, in order to enjoy and get the maximum of your trip, you need to be aware of Maldives and the activities you might want to enjoy while holidaying. We help you in planning and customize your Maldives Package from India by providing all the required information.

Maldives Packages from India (Holiday Tour, Honeymoon, All Inclusive Cost, Deals & Itinerary)

The presence of turquoise lagoons and coral reefs around the beaches with lush palm trees present a breathtaking setting to relax and enjoy your time. Maldives is a cluster of more than 2000 small islands with almost 200 available for human delight. These islands are further grouped in almost 26 atolls. The place has unique charm and refreshing environment that is sure to rejuvenate you in the best way possible.

Maldives present a perfect holidaying option for people of all age groups and interests. From a honeymoon trip to beach wedding or underwater wedding trip to a family vacation to an adventure trip with your friends, Maldivian Islands have something for each and everyone. Maldives has become a favourite destination for people from all over the world, especially from India for its tranquil beaches.

There are many aspects of a trip that need to be considered before you set your foot on place of your choice. From the resort or hotel for staying, to the activities you want to get involved into the place you might want to visit, to the facilities that you would require, you have to decide each and every aspect well in advance. We at Maldives Tourism from Holidays DNA provide you with the detailed information on all the aspects of Maldives and let you take an informed decision while designing your custom Maldives package.

We suggest you the best possible option and customize your Maldives Package from India, based on your budget and preferences. With our genuine and updated information, you can plan your Maldives trip well in advance. Though the atmosphere at Maldives is mostly soothing, there are many exciting options as well for you to entertain yourself.

Maldives boast of few of the best diving sites in the world. So going for diving is a must while holidaying in Maldives. Some of the other options we provide with our India to Maldives Holiday Packages are like snorkeling, water skiing, sailing trips, fishing trips, excursions and cruises like sunset and sunrise cruises that are exceptionally romantic.

The rich and exquisite marine life make these sports all the more interesting. Excursions like cruises and island hopping provide you with some beautiful private moments that will be like a boon for honeymooners and couples.

Even the restaurants and bars at Maldives pamper you with unique settings blending perfectly with nature outside and mouth watering delicacies as well as exotic drinks. With our Maldives packages we provide you with multiple resort options which provide you with ample of facilities like swimming pool, gym, diving centres, sports centre and children’s activity centre.

A perfectly planned trip promises a great vacation that is worth cherishing. So what are you waiting for? Just decide your vacation and plan it exactly as you wish it to be. With our Maldives Packages from India by your side it is very much possible to have your dream holiday.